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Holistic Healing

Fated by design

Experience the Power

Predict Your Future

with Live Serendipity Tarot Readings

shallow focus photography of white feather dropping in person's hand
shallow focus photography of white feather dropping in person's hand
and Holistic Counseling


No matter your current crisis or pleasant circumstances,

Timely insight brings peace and confidence

Find healing from abuse, remedy bad karma, and discover your place in life

Heal, learn, grow, love yourself!
Love is the Law, Love Yourself
Explore Healing
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Discover the power of live tarot readings and holistic counseling consultations. Experience healing, growth, and self-love

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Holistic Healing

Uncover your true potential and find balance in your mind, body, and spirit. Our holistic healing services offer a unique approach to wellness.

person forming heart shape with their handsperson forming heart shape with their hands
Live Tarot Readings

Get answers to your burning questions and gain insights into your future. Our experienced tarot readers provide accurate and personalized readings.

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Holistic Counseling

Find guidance and support in navigating life's challenges. Our holistic counseling sessions empower you to overcome obstacles and find inner peace.

Personal Work Experience

So thankful for all those serendipitous moments, seemingly destined moments of personal development priceless seasons that shaped, molded, unlocked and aided in developing spiritual talents, tools, gifts within my life...

Unlocked undescribable hidden secrets from so many counselors, sages, healers, tarot readers, astrologers vedic & western, numerologists,

Their endless support and patient interest in my life turned from student into dear friendships, has simply been priceless!

For over 30 years these amazing people have etched/tattooed upon my soul, the secret truths into the Tarot & Holistic Healing, life and so much much more!

So thankful for the opportunity to have studied with amazing women of the Golden Dawn, weekly for many years

There guidance, amazing connection & desire to inpart into me their life time of experiences.

Thankful for my Astrology & Tarot Teacher a Toronto model, psychic, tarot reader, keen insightful astrologer.

Who for many years she shared her wealth of wisdom in our weekly sessions, that inspired, unlocked and helped me gain a wealth of knowledge, understanding.

I believe in Fate and Destiny, but so much of that lies in our own two hands!

I hate seeing people suffer, struggle

This is not a novelty, for curiousity, doubt or controversy, I reserve the right to refuse service to any negative or petty debates over religion or validity of miracles & magic...

Holistic Healer & Counselor

Years of Study and Practice

20+ years of study and practice in Astrology, Counseling and Tarot

Holistic Counseling, Career Guidance, Relocation Astrology, Relationships, Spiritual Awakening, Finding Your Place
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